1 Day Cacao Ceremony in-person immersive training - Auckland Saturday November 25th 2023

$599.00 $499.00

1 Day Cacao Ceremony in-person immersive training - Auckland Saturday November 25th 2023

$599.00 $499.00

Do you want to hold space with cacao and run authentic ceremonies or circles with reverence towards the ancient tribes who hold the ancestral wisdom of this incredible plant medicine?

This 1-day intensive experience is designed to provide you the foundational knowledge to begin your journey towards becoming a fully initiated cacao ceremonialist. You will learn about the ancient tribes and people who domesticated and worked with cacao as a plant medicine, understand the cosmovision of cacao, the purpose of a cacao ceremony and the cultural and spiritual requirements for working with cacao. We also will teach you the steps involved in traditional preparation, the intention of each and its modern applications. We then dive into the production of cacao, our farmers, the plant and all its uses, understanding each product of cacao and how to prepare it and the complex industry of cacao production including issues and solutions for a sustainable future for cacao. Covering the safety of cacao and implications in cacao ceremonies. Finally we journey into the experience of cacao from the perspective of neuroscience, how cacao works in the brain and how to tune into each molecule, what biochemical sensations we will feel and how to use it in modern day experiences to transform our mental health and wellbeing. 

You will be working with authentic ceremonial cacao from the spiritual home of cacao in the Amazon of Peru. Crafting a deep connection that will transform the way you view this plant medicine and empower yourself to journey with cacao with confidence for your own spiritual practice and to help guide others with cacao. 

The training includes: a certificate of completion, worksheet, a free molinillo (cacao whisk) and starter pack of ceremonial cacao drops, 30% discount off our comprehensive online cacao training program, 20% discount off any Seleno Health cacao products purchased on the day of the course, a free cup of cacao during the cacao circle and samples of different cacao products to try during session 2. 

Not provided - Lunch or food on the day (please bring your own lunch and a cup for your cacao)

: Sala Studio - Level 1/46 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
Date: Saturday November 25th

Introduction and welcome
Session 1 - ancient traditions, history, anthropology, tribes and cosmovision of cacao
Session 2 - production, processing, products of cacao, our farms and farmers, the industry of cacao, safety and use of cacao
Session 3 - biochemistry, neuroscience, the sensory journey of cacao, neuroplasticity with cacao, the health benefits and integration of ancestral traditions into modern practice
Session 4 - cacao circle and sharing

Exchange - Early bird $499 (limited spaces)
Standard $550 (limited spaces)
Last Minute $599 

There are limited spaces for the workshop so please secure your spot early to ensure you don't miss out.

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Your Teachers - Sally Huapaya (Peru)
Sally is Native Peruvian of Andean descent who co-founded Seleno Health (with her husband Corin) and their cacao culture preservation program. Qualified as an industrial engineer Sally co-created Seleno Health in New Zealand and Peru as a bridge to bring authentic, ethical and sustainable master plants to kiwi consumers. Her mission is to preserve the culture of cacao and the sacred plant knowledge of her people by giving voice to the ancestors who have worked with this master plant in Peru for over 7500 years. She has worked with teachers and tribes in Mexico and Peru to compile the educational tools for the Seleno Health cacao training program and wishes to empower New Zealanders to work with cacao in an authentic way with reverence to ancient traditions. Sally will share ancestral wisdom, cosmovision, tools used in cacao ceremonies and how to incorporate cacao into your daily life.

Dr Corin Storkey (NZ)
Corin is a medicinal chemist (PhD) who was introduced to Andean and Amazonian plant medicines by his wife Sally in Peru 8 years ago. Having transformed his life and overcome chronic fatigue and mental health issues he was inspired to leave a career in medical research to move to Peru and study the plants that had helped his journey. He created a research program to explore the application of maca and cacao in relation to neuroscience and now teaches the findings of the program in their Seleno Health cacao training program. He will be sharing the biochemistry of cacao, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, the sensory experience of cacao and how to integrate ancestral wisdom of cacao into modern day practice for better mental health and wellbeing.

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