This combination of supplements offers a holistic approach to supercharge your natural immunity from the gut to the brain.


Immunity Fuel promotes a healthy gut biome, reduces levels of oxidative stress, and aids in healing leaky gut.


GPx Cell Protect offers protection to oxidative stress, inflammation and builds natural defense to chronic stress. GPx also can assist to improve natural immunity, detoxify the liver, reduce the dysfunction of energy production and support healthy mitochondrial health. Learn more about GPx here.


Maca in combination with GPx can reduce HPA dysregulation and prevent auto-immune dysfunction, resulting in a normalizing of the natural stress response and better internal balance to stress.


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Julie v.
New Zealand New Zealand
Great for CFS

My son got CFS at 16 and was totally bedridden. We started using the CFS pack 18 months ago and he gradually started to get his energy back. Now at 19 he is able to attend Uni part time, and while his energy levels are still only about 80%, this is a vast improvement on what they were before he started this supplement. We started to see an improvement on energy levels and length of time out of bed within a couple of months of starting this. Highly recommended.

Aaron M.
New Zealand New Zealand

As someone who used to suffer from chronic fatigue Seleno Health's GPx Cell Protect has been the thing that has enabled me to keep working. It's that simple. It's given me the best energy boost of all the supplements I've tried. While there are other suplements out there that do a similar job they are usually sourced through a multilevel marketing system and/or cost a lot more (unless you're up a couple of levels up of course). With Seleno Health you can just buy it off the shelf (or website) and be assured that you're paying a realistic cost. Importantly, Seleno Health doesn't just claim their products are the magic solution that will solve all your problems but instead offer great advice via Corin's blog about how to treat chronic fatigue. Corin has his finger on the latest research and is easily the best source of info on this tricky subject that I've found. In my case his advice on cutting out refined flour & sugar and practicing meditation are just as important as the products he sells.



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