When To Use Ceremonial Cacao In NZ

For many, the journey of discovery that ceremonial cacao in NZ represents is one of profound growth, both internally and externally. There is a sense of awakening and appreciation that is unrivalled. But many times, in an effort to be both respectful and mindful, some of our clients feel uncertain about when to use their ceremonial cacao. 

Our team at Seleno Health have put together some suggestions and best practice guidelines for when you should (and should not) use your ceremonial cacao. Remember, we have many resources available to you on your journey, and we would be happy to offer you guidance throughout. 

Best Times To Use Your Ceremonial Cacao

We know that there is a myriad of applications for your ceremonial cacao, but we want to focus on some of our favourite uses to honour the spirit of the ancient knowledge we share:

  • To honour and awaken your spiritual relationship
  • To disperse the stresses and unwanted mental load of modern life
  • To guide you through your journey of awakening your heart
  • To express and savour gratitude 
  • To enhance your cognitive functions
  • To support health functions such as cardiovascular, metabolic and mental health
  • To strengthen your health through stronger bones, increased energy levels and boosting skin health
  • To uplift and satisfy the need for long-term well-being and happiness

If you want to engage fully with the benefits that ceremonial cacao can offer you, look through the simple yet effective ways to incorporate it easily into your daily life. You could hold a simple cacao ceremony or use it more elaborately to infuse your entire daily rhythm with an effort towards better overall health, from morning salutations to subtle additions to your menu or meditative practices. There really is no limit to how you can embrace a better internal life, with a host of benefits for your physical being as well.

When Not To Use Your Ceremonial Cacao

Medicinally, there are guidelines to let you know how much ceremonial cacao to use. With that being said, if you are experiencing a serious heart condition, suffering from blood pressure or hypertension disorders or any related issues, we strongly recommend that you do not ingest ceremonial cacao. If you are ever unsure, talk to a trusted professional. You can learn more about the safe use of ceremonial cacao here

Would you like to learn more about ceremonial cacao in NZ? Feel free to get in touch with us through email at info@selenohealth.com, or look through the treasure trove of information we offer to get you started in the right direction. We even offer online courses! We look forward to facilitating your journey.

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