Maca is has a multitude of health benefits across all facets of health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Here is our collection of New Zealand's most premium, organic range of specialised and scientifically researched maca supplements, sourced direct from the farm.
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What is Maca?

Have you heard of maca and some of the benefits of this natural remedy and now want to find out more? You will find a wealth of information here on our website, but this section will provide you with a good introduction.

Maca is a plant that grows in Peru. It doesn't just grow anywhere, however, as it is mostly farmed at high altitudes in harsh conditions by farming families and communities that have worked the land for generations. In fact, Maca has been grown in Peru for thousands of years. It is used as a medicine as well as a food supplement.

The part of the plant that is of most interest is the root. It comes in three main colours – yellow, red, and black. Each colour of maca offers different health and wellbeing benefits. Therefore, they need to be blended properly for maximum effect when being made into maca products.

At Seleno Health, we use our considerable knowledge of maca to create our range of maca health and wellbeing products. We also tap into the extensive knowledge of traditional Peruvian maca farmers. The products we supply mostly come in powder and capsule form, and they can be used to help with various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. This includes chronic fatigue, low energy, low libido, fertility problems, immunity issues, inflammation, and memory. Browse our range of maca products today.

Health Benefits of Maca Powder and Maca Capsules in NZ

The maca plant has been used for centuries to enhance health and wellbeing in a range of areas. The main health benefits include:

  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, copper, and iron.
  • Improved energy levels.
  • Increased libido in both men and women.
  • Increased fertility in men through improved sperm production and quality.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress and improves mood.
  • Relieves menopausal symptoms, including hot flushes.
  • Offers your skin protection from the sun.
  • Improves memory.
  • Helps with male prostate issues.

More About MACA Powder in NZ

In Peru, the maca plant is traditionally boiled. This produces a juice that is then consumed to get the health benefits that maca offers. At Seleno Health, we wanted to make the maca plant as accessible as possible across the country, so we have made our maca products more convenient by producing them in powder or capsule form.

Our maca powder products are available for delivery anywhere in NZ. They are all organically produced and are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Maca powder is most commonly consumed in NZ as a dietary supplement. It can be added to raw foods such as smoothies, cereal, bliss balls, slices, fruit juice, or yoghurt. You can also cook or bake it into porridges, teas, pancakes, breads, muffins or even soups and stews. Always ensure you use activated or gelatinized maca as this is safe for your gut and tastes much better.

More About Maca Capsules in NZ

Maca capsules are also a popular choice in NZ. We offer a range of carefully and authentically created maca capsule products that can be taken every day as part of your diet. Browse the options available today.

What is Cacao?

This might sound like a straightforward question as everyone who has eaten and enjoys chocolate is already somewhat familiar with cacao. However, there is much more to this plant than the chocolate bars in your nearest convenience store.

In fact, cacao has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Today, it is mass-produced to create chocolate products that are consumed all over the world. At Seleno Health, however, we are interested in the ancient traditions of cacao as well as the medicinal and health benefits.

The health conditions that cacao has been shown to help include fatigue, mental health, cardiovascular health, immunity, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, bone health, and skin health.

Our Cacao Products

At Seleno Health, you will find various organically and ethically sourced/farmed cacao products, all affordably priced and available for delivery across NZ. Those products include butter drops, powders, and nibs.

We also supply ceremonial cacao. Ceremonial cacao is a very high grade of cacao that is made from 100 percent pure organic Criollo cacao beans. This means adding nothing during the process. Instead, the beans are treated in a traditional way by being dried in the sun, peeled by hand, and milled into a paste.

The authentic Peruvian farmers that we work with then package the paste by hand before shipping it directly to us at Seleno Health. Browse our range of cacao products today.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Maca Products

Farm to Table

The quality and authenticity of our maca products start right back on the farm. We work with farmers in the Junin region of Peru. They follow ancient, organic farming techniques to produce the maca plants that go on to become the products in our range.

As a result, no processing happens between the farm and your kitchen. Instead, all our maca products are pure with no additives or preservatives and are 100% certified organic.

We have also spent years building up a close relationship with the people who farm the maca plants that make our products. There are not many authentic Peruvian farmers left, but we believe in ethical sourcing practices and paying fair prices for the work that goes into producing the finest quality maca plants in the world.

Spiritual Connection

There is a strong tradition in Peru of respecting the earth that produces the maca plant, as well as spiritual practices that are as important to the farming of maca as physical farming techniques. These ancient traditions are typically pushed to the side in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. At Seleno Health, however, we strongly believe in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection, so it remains central to the products that we produce. We follow the ancient ceremonies that are used before planting and harvest to give thanks to mother earth and bless our maca as it grows, producing high-vibration, energetically clean maca for your better health.

Scientifically Researched

The products in our range have been created after meticulous research by experts in the fields of cellular protection and health, oxidative diseases, and medicinal antioxidant chemistry. At Seleno Health, we continue to conduct research to further our understanding of this ancient medicinal plant and how it helps health and wellbeing.

We are also actively involved in other areas related to the maca industry, including how the industry currently operates, how it can be improved, how fair trade can be advanced, and the environmental impact of maca production.