Maca for Men is a scientifically formulated blend of activated black, yellow, and red maca designed to optimize male health and hormones.

Taken daily Maca for Men may assist to:

  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Promote stamina and endurance
  • Balance mental health
  • Improve mental focus and clarity
  • Promote virility and male function
  • Improve prostate function
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Promote strength, muscle toning and growth

The ratios of maca colors are determined by analysis of baseline macamide concentrations of the raw ingredients to create a macamide mixture ideal for male hormonal health. Every batch is standardized to ensure macamide potency.


The powder is activated (heat-treated) so it can be consumed straight in raw foods or cooked again.


100% organic activated black, yellow, and red Maca powder scientifically formulated to optimize men’s health.

Serving suggestions: Take 1-1.5 tsp per day as a dietary supplement. Add to smoothies, cereal, porridge, yoghurt or juice for a powerful nutrient boost. Alternatively drink straight as a tea or combine in a herbal infusion with or without nut milk and sweetener.

Total macamides: 0.72% w/w


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New Zealand New Zealand
Good supplement

When I have gone periods without taking the Maca blend in the past, I don't feel right. My body wants it again. Otherwise I seem to feel fatigued and get sick more often without it. I recover from exercise a bit better as well while taking Maca daily.

Carolyn L.
New Zealand New Zealand
Feedback on Maca for Men Powder

As I was not actually the user (my husband was), I am only able to comment based on his comments, but what he did say, was that, while it tasted horrible, he did feel that his energy was more sustained through out the day and felt mood and energy was more elevated.

Jamie H.
New Zealand New Zealand
Maca for Men FANTASTIC product

Very easy to use and can be taken in so many different things! I’m trying to take myself off coffee, so been making a Maca powder and hot chocolate drink each morning. I find it balances my energy levels and helps mitigate cravings.

New Zealand New Zealand

I was so glad i found The Maca Experts as they really seemed to know their stuff. They advised me on what to take and after combining maca for men with some of the red extracts i had big improvements in energy, clarity and vitality. I felt able to be more active and have since lost 15kg. My blood pressure has come down and my libido has gone libido up!! Ive also seen improvements in my prostate with the red sachets, can sleep through the night easily now without needing to get up to urinate. Wow this stuff really works



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