Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g
Our UTURUNKU is a rare Ceremonial Cacao paste crafted from indigenous ancestral Cacao in Peru. Uturunku honours the Chavín de Huántar ceremonial temple that represents the jaguar and the world of the Kay Pacha - the here and now. It...
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Amaru (Snake) Organic Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 1kg
100% pure certified organic, single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao paste. New Zealand-Peruvian owned and operated family business. Scientifically researched and supported by a Callaghan Innovation research grant. The Amaru (Quecha language - snake) in Andean cosmovision represents the Ukhu Pacha - the world below and the...
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Cacao Combo
$107.00 $98.00
Cacao Combo
Can't decide which cacao to choose? Why not get both! This special bundle contains one 500g block of Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste and one 1Kg block of Amaru (Snake) Ceremonial Cacao Paste, each with its own unique flavour and...
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Ceremonial Cacao Pack
$151.00 $126.00
Ceremonial Cacao Pack
Our Ceremonial Cacao Pack has everything you need to create a traditional, heart-opening cacao ceremony at home. The bundle includes x1 block of Amaru and x1 block of Uturunku Cacao paste, a hand-craftedJicara and stand (the traditional Cacao serving vessel),...
$151.00 $126.00
Organic Ceremonial Cacao Paste Drops - 250g or 5kg
100% pure organic, single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao paste. New Zealand-Peruvian owned and operated family business. Our ceremonial Criollo cacao drops are from our Amaru cacao. They have an incredible ratio of 29:1 - theobromine:caffeine meaning they give you long-lasting sustained...
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Cacao serving bowl - Jicara
The jicara is a traditional serving vessel that is used for ceremonial cacao drinks. It represents the feminine energy of cacao and the womb, with cacao a representation of the blood of life and the molinillo (cacao whisk) the masculine...
Cacao Whisk - Molinillo
Made with sustainable Alder tree wood and naturally darkened and decorated by the frictional rubbing of pine wood. This artisanal wooden molinillo stirrer is made with love and care by our Mexican family friends following five generations of practice and...
from $13.00
Ceremonial Cacao Guide
Access your FREE Ceremonial Cacao Guide by clicking the link below & downloading it to your device. Ceremonial Cacao Guide This comprehensive guide outlines the traditional ceremonial practices, as well as offers insights into how to create a ceremony unique...
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training - Level 1 Online Course
Online Connection to Cacao Course - Uku Pacha This course is the foundational requirement to deepen your connection to cacao for your own personal practice and to provide the knowledge required to begin to use cacao in ceremonies, circles and...
Organic Premium Cacao Butter Drops - 250g
100% pure organic, single-origin, premium cacao butter. Made only from virgin crop, meaning the first crop of the tree and hand-selected pods. Our cacao butter is fermented and full bean, generated from milling the whole bean into a creamy, rich...
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Organic Criollo Raw Cacao Powder
100% pure organic, single-origin, raw cacao powder. Our cacao is fermented and sun dried, before being milled and pressed to seperate the butter from the cacao mass, following ancient traditions. It is packed with bioactive ethanolamides, tryptophan, tryptamine, phenylethylamine, polyphenols, magnesium,...
$101.00 from $13.00
Organic Activated Chocolate Maca Powder
Our authentic Peruvian organic maca is personally sourced by us from our farm in the mountains of Junin, Peru. It is socially responsible with 50c per bag donated directly to our charity fund to support the local community of San Jose...
from $14.00
Uturunku (Jaguar) T-Shirts
Unleash your inner Uturunku (Jaguar) with these Pervian designed and manufactured 100% pure cotton T-shirts.
Seleno Health Gift Cards - Give the Gift of Good Health and Wellbeing
Shopping for a gift but don't know what to get? Give someone you love the gift of health with these awesome Seleno Health store gift cards. Available for purchase on any products with a dollar for dollar exchange in our...
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Ancient Master Plant Recipe Guide - Cacao & Maca
Access your FREE Maca & Cacao Recipe Guide by clicking the link below & downloading it to your device. Maca and Cacao Recipes Want to know our signature creamy Ceremonial Cacao recipe? Or different ways to build Maca into your...
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