Traditional Molinillo – Ceremonial Cacao Whisk
Made with sustainable Alder tree wood and naturally darkened and decorated by the frictional rubbing of pine wood. This artisanal wooden molinillo stirrer is made with love and care by our Mexican family friends following five generations of practice and...
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Jicara - traditional cacao serving bowl (Peru)
The jicara is a traditional serving vessel that is used for ceremonial cacao drinks. It represents the feminine energy of cacao and the womb, with cacao a representation of the blood of life and the molinillo (cacao whisk) the masculine...
Uturunku (Jaguar) T-Shirts
Unleash your inner Uturunku (Jaguar) with these Pervian designed and manufactured 100% pure cotton T-shirts.
Andean Artisan Peruvian Face Masks
Double layer, washable, contoured for tight fit with elastic ear ties. Embroidered Peruvian Andean designs in different colours. Who said face masks have to be dull and boring, brighten up your face with these beautiful Andean designs. Made by our...
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Seleno Health Gift Cards - Give the Gift of Good Health and Wellbeing
Shopping for a gift but don't know what to get? Give someone you love the gift of health with these awesome Seleno Health store gift cards. Available for purchase on any products with a dollar for dollar exchange in our...
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