Women's Health

We've collected our most powerful maca for women's health products to help with your feminine needs. From hormonal balance and menopause to fertility and libido, we have the maca products to support a woman’s natural healing process
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Our Range of Maca Products for Women
At Seleno Health, we have created a range of maca products for women that can help with a range of female health issues. In addition to this range of maca products designed especially for women, there are diverse products in the range that deliver health and wellbeing benefits for men as well as women. The product range comprises powders, capsules, concentrated pure maca, and maca nibs. Every maca for women and cacao product in our range comes from ethical, fairtrade sources where we work in partnership with traditional farmers. Our products are also organic and sustainably farmed using ancient techniques with socially responsible production methods. All of our products have been created through data-driven, in-depth scientific research. This scientific process has included third-party research that we have reviewed as well as research conducted by our own in-house experts. So, if you are looking for the powerful, rejuvenating health benefits from maca for women, then look no further - browse the purest, most ethical and potent range of products available on the market today!

Hormonal Support
Maca for women can help to gently balance female hormones, improving mood, focus, energy levels, and general health and wellbeing. Some of the conditions that maca for women helps with include premenstrual syndrome and hormonal imbalances during menopause. Our products don’t stimulate the production of hormones. Instead, they help the female body harmonise natural hormone production. Maca in both powder and capsule forms are available and can be used to deal with acute hormonal imbalances or long-term maintenance and resilience to stress.


The libido levels of men and women can change for diverse reasons, including age. If you want to increase your levels of desire, maca can help. As well as supplying products that focus on boosting libido, we also have combo-packs available that contain both a female hormone balancer and a libido booster.


 Immunity Booster
You can find products in our range of maca for women that promote gut health while also reducing oxidative stress levels. Combine these products into combo-packs that help with other common female health issues, including hormone imbalances, inflammation, and stress. 


Other Maca Health Benefits for Women
The maca for women products in our range will also help boost your energy levels and alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue. They do this by helping to balance the way your brain responds to stressors and, thereby, improve nervous system function. Maca for women is also effective at preventing adrenal fatigue.In addition, Maca for women helps with mental health issues and enhances memory and focus. It is a natural antidepressant, and it assists with the reduction in chronic and acute anxiety levels. Maca for women also boosts the health of your bones, improving both strength and density. You can see this in the high-altitude regions of Peru in communities where Maca for women has been used for centuries. These communities have remained strong and active through all phases of their lives. These maca-for-women benefits are now being backed up by modern scientific, data-driven research.


Buy Maca Products for Women Today
The maca for women products in our range are all competitively priced as we believe that women’s health should be affordable. To enhance that affordability, we have subscription purchase options. Alternatively, there is a single purchase option. With all purchases, delivery is available anywhere in the country. When you buy maca and cacao for women from SELENO HEALTH, you get our unwavering commitment to quality, honesty, ethics and authenticity. You can have confidence in the knowledge that you are buying authentic maca for women products produced with love and deep care by a passionate team that stretches from the mountains of Peru to right here in New Zealand.