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Cacao is a sacred plant medicine from Peru, well known for it's heart-opening, bliss-inducing qualities. We source our cacao directly from our farmer friends in Peru. Here is our proud collection of cacao products.

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Maca has a multitude of health benefits across all facets of health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Here is our collection of New Zealand's most premium, organic range of specialised and scientifically researched maca supplements, sourced direct from the farm.

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Welcome to Seleno Health! Here we offer natural health solutions online through our range of high-quality products. We specialise in maca and cacao, which both have a range of proven health benefits. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, but we offer our products nationwide. 

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Seleno Health is your number one choice when searching for natural health solutions in New Zealand.




Seleno Health is a specialised New Zealand-based natural health solutions company that fuses ancient plant wisdom with modern scientific research.

In collaboration with two indigenous farming families in Peru, we share ancient shamanic teachings and substantiate them using modern-day biochemical research. We hope to educate people on the importance of connection to their foods, indigenous plant wisdom, and how to enhance their health and wellbeing naturally.

We have selected the products available on our website very carefully. Each product you see is of the highest quality, and you can expect to enjoy many benefits. We’ve built up a reputation for being NZ’s most trusted maca and cacao brand, thanks to our quality products as well as our exceptional customer service.

Enjoy browsing our maca and cacao products, and please feel free to get in touch with our team at Seleno Health should you have any questions.


I absolutely love and always recommend Maca For Women...

“I absolutely love and always recommend Maca For Women. It helped me get through the brain-fog of a stressful time a few years ago. I now use it daily, it increases my mental clarity, productivity, calms my mood, and gets me right through the day with sustained energy levels without crashing or feeling tired. Perfect for a busy mama! Thanks for supplying it, already activated and ready to go so I don't need to cook it as you do with raw maca.”

I took the Organic Concentrated Pure Black Maca for my stroke...

“I took the Organic Concentrated Pure Black Maca for my stroke symptoms including speech impediment, vertigo, headaches, migraines and coordination loss. Within 6 weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my speech and felt my brain was clearer than ever before. I haven't had a migraine since and any episodes of vertigo. I'm really impressed with how well it worked to help me in my recovery.”

My extreme fatigue and anxiety that was making every day a challenge is gone...

"I loved the presentation and it's been well over a month, my extreme fatigue and anxiety that was making every day a challenge is gone. I'm so thankful I discovered my daily companion Seleno Health’s Maca & Cacao products. I thought I would rush back to martial arts & my physical pursuits if I ever got energy again but I'm learning to be more mindful & just enjoy what I have - I feel like I have a second chance at life. Grateful - many thanks!”

The Maca Experts (by Seleno Health) provide the best ethical maca and cacao in NZ...

“The Maca Experts (by Seleno Health) provide the best ethical maca and cacao in NZ. Their products are fantastic! We feel so lucky to know them and always follow their workshops which are very informative and well explained. We love the connection that they make with people and the beautiful experience of sharing a yummy and healthy drink with them. Yay guys!”

Are You Looking For Natural Medicines For Stress?

So many of us struggle with stress in our day-to-day lives, and in many cases, stress can prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. While there are many different remedies for stress, we believe in the natural approach. Here at Seleno Health, we offer various natural medicines for stress. You’ll find that both maca and cacao are natural stress-relievers, and over time most people notice a significant drop in their overall stress levels when using maca and cacao

Have any questions about the natural health solutions offered by Seleno Health? Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today. We’d be more than happy to chat with you about our products and our brand.


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