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Backed by Science. Grounded in Ancient Wisdom.

We believe in merging our two worlds - physical and metaphysical, eastern and western. We've applied this philosophy to the products we provide you. All of our products are backed by thorough scientific research, and supported by thousands of years of indigenous wisdom from Peru.

The scientific world’s acceptance of new sources of health remedies has brought about a replacement of the category called “alternative medicine” for natural health solutions and natural medicines for stress with a more inclusive and positive label: Integrative medicine.

The ever-growing number of scientific supporters use integrative medicine as a way of treating the patients’ complex, interrelated physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental elements. They are identifying that health is not fully addressed by the legacy systems within the surgery and pharma fields. Natural health solutions and natural medicines for stress are being verified by science and have a significant role to play.

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The Role Of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine does not throw out the baby with the bathwater, it supports an inclusive attitude towards health and, by design, it is inclusive of conventional treatments. Health is achieved with wisdom, science and inclusivity. 

“We say No to a pill for every ill!”

Whilst the powerful pharmaceutical companies fought any threat to their immense wealth, the consumer has driven them back through privately funded research which shows the benefits that natural health solutions and natural medicines for stress offer.

Nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and positive lifestyle choices are now top choices by the most successful people around the world, striving for peak health. 

The souls on this beautiful planet are no longer accepting “a pill for every ill” from their doctors. There is an overwhelming demand for our intricately, interwoven health biospheres to be respected - inclusively.

“Through inclusivity, everyone has the potential to achieve their health goals. “

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Medicinal Maca

Ceremonial Cacao

Immunity and Fatigue


Learn about the integration of science and natural health with out collection of detailed blog posts. We aim to provide only the highest quality education, backed by scientific research.

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We believe in ethical and sustainable sourcing, working directly with our indigenous communities in Peru. All of our products are scientifically tested and supported, certified organic, and farmed using only the most ethical natural processes. Find out more below.


I absolutely love maca for women and always recommend it. It helped me get through the brain-fog of a stressful time a few years ago, the difference was quite dramatic.I now use it daily, it increases my mental clarity and productivity, boosts and calms my mood and gets me right through the day with sustained energy levels and no crash or tiredness. Perfect for a busy mama! And thank you for supplying it already activated and ready to go so I don't need to cook it as you do with raw maca.


I took the concentrated black maca for my stroke symptoms including speech impediment, vertigo, headaches, migraines and co-ordination loss. Within 6 weeks i noticed a marked improvement in my speech and felt my brain was clearer than ever before. I haven't had a migraine since and any episodes of vertigo. Im really impressed with how well it worked to help me in my recovery.


I was trying all sorts of supplements to eradicate my PMS. Nothing worked until I found extracted red maca. Since that time i have not come near the amount of pain, mood swings and low energy levels I used to. I've also noticed a major difference in my general happiness and wellbeing.


The Maca Experts (by Seleno Health) provide the best ethical maca and cacao in NZ. Their products are fantastic! We feel so lucky to know them and follow their workshops always which are very informative and well explained. We love the connection that they make with people and the beautiful experience to share a yummy and healthy drink with them. Yay guys!!


I was having very intense Peri menopause symptoms. Since the first day taking Seleno Maca for Women I've notice a significant improvement. Their ethics at supporting communities Maca producers is very inspiring.


I loved the presentation and it's been well over a month, my extreme fatigue and anxiety that was making every day a challenge is gone. I'm so thankful I discovered my daily companion maca & cacao. I thought I would rush back to martial arts & my physical pursuits if I ever got energy again but I'm learning to be more mindful & just enjoy what I have - I feel like I have a second chance at life. Grateful - many thanks 🌼