Organic Concentrated Pure Red Maca (10:1 Extract)


Organic Concentrated Pure Red Maca (10:1 Extract)

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Red Maca is a rare and unique form of maca that is believed to have the highest concentration of bioactive metabolites.

In Peru red maca is consumed solely to support specific health conditions. Red maca can be taken by men and women and has unique benefits for both.

Our concentrated maca (10:1) is 10x more potent than raw maca, it acts faster, has a softer flavour, is more bio-availableeasier to consume and is packed with macamides. A single teaspoon serve is approximately 2.5g, which is the equivalent of taking 25g of normal red maca!!

It can be consumed hot or cold, as a tea or additive to smoothies, cereals, juices or straight in water.


Taken daily our concentrated red maca may support: 

Hormonal imbalances – Menopause and PMS

Stress and anxiety

Mood regulation and balance

Female fertility and libido

Bone density

Healthy prostate function in men

Chronic inflammation


Skin conditions


Circulation and blood flow


Available in 65g jars of pure 10:1 concentrated red maca extract powder.


Serving size: 1/2-1 tsp (1.5-2.5g – equivalent to 15-25g of whole root)


Storage: Use within 4-6 weeks after opening. Close lid tightly. For prolonged storage life you can store in the freezer. Powder is very moisture sensitive.

Dosage: Take 1/2-1 tsp daily or as required as a natural health supplement.

Add powder to cold or hot water, teas, smoothies, juices, yogurt, porridge, cereal, granola or sprinkle on fruit salad.


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What is concentrated maca?

Traditionally in Peru maca is either boiled in water (activated maca) or macerated (soaked) and extracted in plant based alcohols (concentrated maca) to create more concentrated forms for specific health benefits. Our concentrated maca replicates this ancient method, in which we macerate our maca to extract the pure bioactive components then filter and concentrated before spray drying it into a potent concentrated powder - ready for dilution. For every 10kg of fresh maca we only produce 400g of this specialised concentrated maca extract. Our concentrated maca powder comes in the pure sacred colours – red maca or black maca, each with unique health benefits. It is very different in taste, texture, properties and benefits compared to our other activated maca powders due to its potency, bioavailability and rapid mode of action.


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Bethany M.
Australia Australia

Best flavour!

Love using this concentrated maca in my matcha lattes, to me it has a different softer/more palatable flavour than regular maca powder and it easily dissolves unlike maca powder where there is still a grainy texture in your latte, I just love it!

Bianca V.
New Zealand New Zealand

Love the earthy flavour!

I’ve been having this daily in the morning with cacao and love the earthy taste. I’ve been taking it for immunity, mood and inflammation and have found that my I feel less tired, and it is slowly helping other symptoms. I will keep taking it longer and see how it progresses.

Chrissie W.
New Zealand New Zealand

Game changer!

Have noticed a difference right away with energy, focus and a calmer nervous system and finally sleep through the night and wake up fresh and a bounce in step, I've been healing from ME/CFS the last 7 years so this has helped get to another level. Thank you all at Seleno health!

Gene C.
New Zealand New Zealand

Maca Red

I have been using Maca for over 30 years. I purchased Seleno's Maca Red for my stepdaughter who has been dealing with endometriosis pain. She says it helps her a lot for her overall wellbeing.

Cheryl G.
United States United States

Red Maca

I believe this helping to balance out my hormones during menopause. Very, very thankful for this product! Thank you so much for making it available.

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