Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g


Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g

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This is right up your alley if you're looking for a raw dose of flavour energy! Our ceremonial cacao paste is renowned for its rich and indulgent flavour profile, featuring earthy, nutty and fruity undertones. When you prepare your cup of ceremonial cacao, you'll experience only pure joy and happiness with each sip without an "unpleasant" aftertaste.

This very rare and special ceremonial paste is hand-crafted from indigenous cacao in Tarapoto, Peru, in honour of the Uturunku (Jaguar). Made with love and pure intention, it is blessed and provides high-vibrational energy, with reverence for Peru's ancient ceremonial cacao traditions. From the cultural and spiritual origin of cacao - Peru.

We recommend this cacao for use in ceremonies involving embodiment, trauma release, meditation, connection, awakening and for daily use to assist with feeling present, improving mental health, providing mental connection and mind-body-spirit balance.

We highly suggest doing your own research prior to using any supplement. Learn more about us and our ceremonial cacao here.

Sensations: Intense satisfaction, embodiment, connection, spiritual awakening, joy and happiness.

Flavours: Earthy, nutty, fruity.

Best for: Embodiment, trauma release, meditation, awakening, internal journeying, mindfulness, enhancing dream states.


“Wow, this cacao is so sweet and tender. I instantly felt the effect it makes me feel so warm and full of love. Highly recommended!”
- Meggan

Suggested use: Shave or grate 2-3 Tbsp (20-30g) per person into hot water or hot plant-based milk with or without spices (examples - cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cayenne) and sweetener (coconut sugar, raw sugar, honey) and blend or whisk until creamy. 

Packaging - 500g blocks hand wrapped in wax paper inside a cardboard box.

Ingredients - 100% Pure organic ceremonial cacao.

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Lauren W.
New Zealand

Best cacao EVER

I was being called to try the Uturunku so I purchased a few weeks ago and just WOW. This cacao tops all others. It's creamy, full of depth and flavour and the mental clarity was fantastic. I honestly would reccomend this cacao to everyone but especially if you're doing inner work, would like to connect to yourself on a deeper level or would like to make cacao part of your meditative practice. Thank you Seleno Health for providing us with this beautiful product!

Brooke S.
New Zealand New Zealand

Totally addicted to Uturunku

I love the Uturunku Ceremonial Cacao, it is deliciously smooth and I feel amazing after consuming a cup.

Seleno Health Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g Review
A Seleno Health Customer
Ida M.
Sweden Sweden


Magical experience, can highly recommend!

Kaylie G.
New Zealand New Zealand

Incredible cacao

Beautiful and delicious

Australia Australia

My new favourite cacao

This is by far my favourite cacao for ceremony. It is smooth and rich and is my favourite taste and consistency wise. I just completed a ceremony with a 28g dose. Deliciosa. The Jaguar medicine is sublime. I have loved the other ceremonial cacao from Seleno but this one is next level. Thank you thank you thank you @reikilove_jai

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