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Seleno Health is a specialised New Zealand based natural health company that fuses ancient plant wisdom with modern scientific research. In collaboration with two indigenous farming families in Peru we share ancient shamanic teachings and substantiate them using modern day biochemical research. We hope to educate people on the importance of connection to their foods, indigenous plant wisdom and how to enhance their own health and well-being naturally. 

“Through connection, education, lifestyle changes and supplemental support

everyone has the potential to achieve their health goals.”

Dr Corin Storkey 

– Co-Founder and Co-Director of Seleno Health


New Zealand born co-founder and co-director – Dr Corin Storkey has over 15 years of academic and research experience, specialising in medicinal antioxidant chemistry, oxidative diseases, cellular protection and health. He holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Melbourne, Australia and the Heart Research Institute – Sydney, Australia. He has previously struggled with and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome and believes that there is currently a lack of holistic management in the conventional Western medical approach to health.

These experiences led him to establish Seleno Health as a means to provide people with education and tools to manage their own health more effectively. His area of expertise is stress disorders and non-specific inflammatory conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, Psoriasis, Alopecia, UC, IBS, Lyme disease and similar auto-immune issues. 

He currently leads the New Zealand based Maca and cacao research program that studies Andean and Amazonian plant medicines and substantiates their traditions through biochemical analysis. His latest projects include biochemical mapping of macamides in different cultivars of Peruvian Maca, comparisons of bioactives in different Maca preparations and substantiating traditional uses of ceremonial cacao by Peruvian shamans through biochemical mapping of active metabolites.


  • 15 years academic and research experience specialising in oxidative stress and antioxidant therapy
  • PhD in medicinal chemistry at the University of Melbourne and ARC Centre of Excellence in Free Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Postdoctoral researcher at the Heart Research Institute (Sydney) in free radical and antioxidant research
  • Career as a medical liaison for Sanofi Aventis in metabolic disorders (diabetes, heart disease)
  • 14 scientific publications in high impact peer reviewed journals
  • New Zealand designed and manufactured quality scientific formulations for better health outcomes – Seleno Health


Specialising in chemical and biochemical synthesis and analysis (production and measurements of antioxidants). Development of synthetic antioxidant containing moieties, carbohydrate delivery technology and GPx mimetics. Development and application of analytical techniques to measure and assess antioxidant kinetics of natural and synthetic antioxidants against key biological oxidants. Development and application of analytical techniques to assess antioxidant protective qualities against key biological oxidants. 


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Storkey, C. Methodology for the Synthesis of Mannose-Linked Carbohydrates and ProDrugs. BSc (hons) thesis, School of Chemistry, Victoria University of Wellington, 2004.


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Bachelor of science (BSc) – Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)

Bachelor of science with 1st class honors (BSc hons) – Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)

PhD in medicinal chemistry – The University of Melbourne & ARC Centre of Excellence in Free Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology

Medicines Australia Medical and Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct (MA) – University of Tasmania

Postdoctoral Researcher – Heart Research Institute Sydney

Corin Storkey Organic Maca Powder Activated Maca NZ

Corin Storkey Organic Maca Powder Activated Maca NZ


Corin Storkey Organic Maca Powder Activated Maca NZ

Co-director Sally Huapaya is a native Peruvian of Andean descent, with a Bachelor in industrial engineering and ancestral knowledge of traditional Peruvian medicinal plants. She has a passion to bring the sacred plant knowledge of her people to the world and promoting respect and acknowledgement to the indigenous farmers and communities that produce them. In Peru, Sally and Seleno Health create authentic Organic Farm to Table Maca and Cacao directly with their local farmers following ancient ancestral traditions. Sally also manages the social responsibility program and Amazonian and Andean retreats in Peru. 

Sally is proudly the authentic life and soul of Seleno Health and brings her combination of industry experience, processes and production skills, cultural and ancestral knowledge to create authentic and high-vibrational specialised health-enhancing products for consumers around the world. She currently is training facilitators and healers in New Zealand and Australia to better connect to the indigenous plants of Peru and use them in ceremony or as healing modalities.

Our Maca Farmers - Florencio and Yraida

Florencio and Yraida are maca experts who specialise in the cultivation and production of premium medicinal Maca following ancient ancestral organic farming techniques. Their farm and farming techniques focus on preservation of ancient spiritual practices and respecting the energetics of la Maca, pachamama (mother earth) and her environment. Every batch they produce is made with love, passion, care and intention to help and to heal. They are some of only a few traditional farmers left in Peru who keep their ancient traditions surrounding Maca and produce in artisanal ways.

For both Florencio and Yraida, Maca is a way of life, a spiritual connection to Pachamama and to their roots as Incan descendants. They work incredibly hard to produce their amazing crops and their attention to detail is second to none. We are blessed to have them as part of our team at Seleno Health and to be able to assist them to share their medicine with the rest of the world.

As a family they spend a lot of time assisting their local community to improve the way of life for all others in their village. They are also an integral part of our social responsibilityprogram and help with the allocation of funds and identification of local needs for development. You can come and experience life as an Incan farmer with them every July in Peru at their farm as an eco-tourist at one of our Andean retreats

Corin Storkey Organic Maca Powder Activated Maca NZ

The world's most authentic and specialised Maca company - The Maca Experts

- Farm to Table

- Ethically Sourced

- Socially Responsible

- Family Business 

- Scientifically Researched

- Traditionally Farmed

- Blessed In Ceremony

- 100% Organic

- Sustainable

- Ancestral Wisdom

Our Cacao Farmer - Rolando

Rolando is a native Peruvian from the Amazonian jungle who is proudly dedicated to the production of organic and fair-traded cacao. He is pioneering the resurgence of traditional cacao growing and production in the area of Peru previously heavily affected by drug cartels and the illegal cocaine industry. Rolando has applied his skills and expertise to promoting the image, production, transformation and quality of Peruvian cacao to put Peru on the world map with artisanal cacao and chocolate production. His push for social sustainability and environmental harmony with cacao farming is bringing big change to an industry that has previously struggled with exploitation of farmers, communities and the Amazon jungle. 

Rolando's cacao represents the courage and perseverance of many farmers who decided to sow the best, finest cacao in the world in the face of adversity. They have found in this boldness the hope of transforming their lives through love, working in conditions of equality, justice and a passion for biodiversity and the environment.

"This love is the main ingredient in their cacao."

We 100% support the mission of Rolando and his people to Rescue Cacao in Peru and return the love, respect, environmental protection and culture that has been lost through global commercialisation and corruption in the industry. 

Corin Storkey Organic Maca Powder Activated Maca NZ

Rescuing the sacredness of cacao in Peru - Rescue Cacao by Seleno Health

- Farm to Table

- Ethically Sourced

- Socially Responsible

- Family Business 

- Scientifically Researched

- Traditionally Farmed

- Blessed In Ceremony

- 100% Organic

- Sustainable

- Promotes Biodiversity

- Protects Ancestral Wisdom

- Rescuing Farmers

- Rescuing The Amazon

- Rescuing The Traditions

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