June 8 - 14, 2024

8-14 June 2024 (6 nights, 7 days)

• A spiritual journey to the origin of cacao
• Visit our Uturunku cacao farm and create your own cacao from pods-paste
• Connect with our cacao farmers and learn about different types of cacao
• Hear the stories directly from the ancestral wisdom keepers of cacao
• Stay in a jungle paradise retreat deep in the heart of the Amazon
• Learn the cosmovision of cacao and its application to modern life
• Deepen your connection with cacao and learn how to awaken and transform with it
• Dance, play, explore & connect with cacao
• Be initiated as a cacao facilitator
• Understand the integration of cacao into modern neuroscience

Cacao initiation - the highlights

- We travel deep into the jungle to our Uturunku cacao farm.
- Meet our farmers and tour our farm.
- Learn about the local plants and animals.
- Join our agricultural cacao ceremony as we bless our soil and trees in community.
- A night walk into the Amazon with our guide.
- Bonfire and cacao circle in the jungle to celebrate Pachamama.
- Camping in the jungle.
- Harvest your own cacao pods and try different types of fresh cacao fruit.
- Learn different techniques to open the pods.
- Take your cacao harvest into fermentation and then learn the drying techniques.
- Try some traditional Amazonian food
- Connect with the community and families
- Return to Tarapoto retreat centre.
- Morning yoga with cacao.
- Making pozol and traditional cacao drinks.
- Selecting and roasting ceremonial beans.
- Combining cacao with corn and crafting gorditas.
- Using the molinillo and metate in cacao preparation.
- Morning yoga with cacao.
- Cacao body scrub and cleansing in the river.
- Face and body painting with cacao and achiote.
- Preparing cacao husk tea.
- Andean and Amazonian cosmovision workshop
- Fire pit and cacao ceremony
- Cacao ceremony initiation with Veronika.
- Creating a ceremonial alter.
- Energetics of cacao.
- Holding space with cacao.
- Energetic protection and projection.
- Learning to listen to cacao and deepening your connection.
- Cacao ceremony and native sound bath.
- Morning yoga and cacao
- Neuroscience of cacao workshop.
- Neuroplasticity and re-birthing with cacao.
- Applying ancient cosmovision into our modern world
- Dancing, games and a cacao fiesta
- Reflective time.
- Affirmations and future direction.
- Closing ceremony.
- Celebration and river plunge.
- Return to Tarapoto

Where you will stay

Twin share room (double splits into 2 singles)

Shared bathrooms

Balconies with hammocks

The retreat surrounded by jungle

Communial spaces to connect

Daily yoga and cacao connection

Comprehensive in-depth workshops

Integrative experiences and discussions

All meals included

Local fresh ingredients

Healthy plant based food


Please note we will only be taking 10 people maximum per retreat to keep the experience small an intimate and enhance the connective and learning experience.

Early bird general - $3499 NZD (2150 USD)

Standard general - $3999 NZD (2450 USD)

A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. Full payment due before May 30th, 2024.


- accommodation (6 nights) twin share

- all meals and drinks during the experience

- all transport from 8-15th June after arriving in Tarapoto including to and from the farm and retreat

- in-house translator

- all workshops and experiences listed above

- camping beds, bedding and tents for the two nights on the farm

- all bedding and towels at the retreat centre

- a contribution to support our farmer and family

- one-on-one guidance and support throughout the retreat

Not Included:

- international or domestic flights 

- travel insurance

Your facilitators

Olmeca descendant and cacao ceremonial initiator. Veronica is an initiated fire ceremonialist (sahumadora) and medicine woman taught by Mayan elders. She is also a culture ambassador of Cacao in Tabasco Mexico. She will be educating and initiating you to the art of ceremony with cacao.
Native Peruvian of Andean descent and industrial engineer. Ancestral educator of traditional Peruvian medicinal plants. She has a passion to bring the sacred plant knowledge of her people to the world and promoting respect and acknowledgement to the indigenous farmers and communities that produce them.
Sally will share ancient wisdom, tools used in cacao ceremonies and ways to incorporate cacao into your daily life.
(New Zealand - PhD) - Corin is a bio-medical researcher who studies the neurochemistry of cacao and the bioactive components contained within it. His expertise is to create and apply therapeutic profiles to cacao for use in different health applications. He will be educating on the use of cacao in enhancing neuroplasticity and spiritual development. Linking ancient wisdom with modern day integration.
A Peruvian educator of Andean and Amazonia cosmovision and ancestral knowledge. Pamela has a family lineage of Chankan-Andean ancestors and wants to share the sacred traditions surrounding Peruvian master plants and inspire people to create a healing connection with them, connect to their roots, and give love and respect to Pachamama – the provider of all medicine. Pamela will be teaching you the principals of Andean and Amazonian cosmovision and how to apply them to your practice with cacao. Pamela is also a Yoga instructor and will be facilitating daily integrative yoga workshops at the retreat.
The lead farmer at our Uturunku farm. 15 years working with cacao in production and ancestry from Jaen, the home of cacao. Arturo will share his wisdom and knowledge of artisanal ceremonial cacao production. Showing you around the farm and teaching you to become a ceremonial cacao farmer for a day. He is also an expert of Amazonian flora and fauna and will share wisdom about natural plant remedies and medicine from the jungle.
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