• When To Use Ceremonial Cacao In NZ

    When To Use Ceremonial Cacao In NZ

    For many, the journey of discovery that ceremonial cacao in NZ represents is one of profound growth, both internally and externally. There is a sense of awakening and appreciation that is unrivalled. But many times, in an effort to be both respectful and mindful, some of our clients feel uncertain about when to use their ceremonial cacao. 
  • How To Hold A Simple Cacao Ceremony

    How To Hold A Simple Cacao Ceremony

    Cacao is a plant medicine from Peru that is considered sacred by many. Ceremonial cacao in Australia has become incredibly popular in recent years, with many people enjoying the benefits of what this delicious hot drink has to offer. But despite its popularity, many people still don’t fully comprehend the ‘ceremonial’ aspect of cacao. Essentially it is all about daily ritual and entering a...
  • What is ceremonial cacao?

    What is ceremonial cacao?

    CEREMONIAL CACAO Ceremonial cacao is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, with cacao ceremonies appearing in wellness communities all over the world. So what is ceremonial cacao? How does it differ from normal cacao, cacao powder and other forms of cacao? And why are so many people being drawn to use it? What is Ceremonial Cacao?  All cacao comes from Theobroma...
  • Cacao and Safety - Cacao Contraindications

    Cacao and Safety - Cacao Contraindications

    A guide to Cacao contraindications Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is an evergreen tree whose fully fermented fruit seeds, known as “cacao beans,” are the main ingredient in cacao nibs, cacao paste, cacao butter, and chocolate. Cacao contains many bioactive compounds and essential minerals that work together to support immune function, cardiovascular health, enhance cognitive function, elevate mood, and improve mental health, oxidative stress, metabolic syndrome,...
  • Cacao and natural immunity

    Cacao and natural immunity

    8 beans per day keeps the doctor away Have you ever heard the saying 8 cacao beans per day keeps the doctor away? The reason for this is that Cacao and the many products derived from the Theobroma cacao tree contains high levels of antioxidant molecules that can protect our body from cellular damage and boost our immune system1. What are antioxidants? Why do...
  • Mental Health and Cacao

    Mental Health and Cacao

    Mental health disorders are New Zealand’s third leading cause of health loss with conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and attention deficit disorders (ADD) affecting a large portion of people1-4. One in six people or 16.6% of the population (650,000 adults) will experience a common mental disorder at some time in their lives that will drastically impact on the health and...
  • The Cacao Industry Explained

    The Cacao Industry Explained

    Cacao is one of the world’s most valuable crops with the global cacao and chocolate industry being worth billions of dollars per year1,2. As of 2019, Cote D’Ivoire produces the most cacao beans in the world at over 2 million metric tons, followed by Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and Cameroon3. Together, Africa makes up more than 60% of cacao production with over 80% of the...
  • Cadmium in Cacao

    Cadmium in Cacao

    Cacao is an all-natural health food that can benefit our bodies in many ways. From supporting our natural immunity and cardiovascular health to enhancing our cognitive function and boosting energy levels, cacao is a powerhouse of natural bioactive compounds and nutrients. However, there are growing concerns surrounding cadmium content in cacao and the potential risks to our health from this. What are the risks...
  • Cacao vs Cocoa

    Cacao vs Cocoa

    Cacao beans must undergo several processes after harvesting before they are ready to be made into different products. After harvesting, the cacao beans are allowed to undergo a fermentation process. This process is necessary for the development of the colour and flavour of the cacao, as well as the bioactive compounds, including flavonoids and antioxidants. The cacao beans are then allowed to dry out...
  • Different Types of Cacao Product

    Different Types of Cacao Product

    Cacao beans that have been harvested, fermented and thoroughly dried are ready to be processed into a variety of different products. These cacao-based products can each be used in many different ways. They can also be processed further in other ways, such as by undergoing roasting or other heat-treatment in preparation for chocolate-making or other cocoa-based products. Cacao Nibs Cacao nibs are made from...
  • The Different Varieties of Cacao

    The Different Varieties of Cacao

    Wild cacao trees have spread from the Amazonian region from which they originated and have been heavily domesticated for human trade and consumption. Cacao trees can be categorised based on the region they were grown in, how they were processed, and other qualities, including shape and size of the bean, oil content, aroma, and more1. They are also categorised based on their biological varieties1,...
  • How does cacao work?

    How does cacao work?

    Cacao contains many bioactive components and essential minerals that interact with our natural biochemical pathways to provide many health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that these compounds assist with cardiovascular health, mental health, immune health, bone health, metabolic health, skin health, mental health, and more. Together, these compounds work to elevate mood, enhance cognitive function, support the immune and cardiovascular systems, boost metabolic function,...
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