Maca Capsules Vs Maca Powder

Our NZ maca capsules for men and women have been scientifically measured and compiled in laboratory conditions to deliver the exact ratios of red, yellow and black maca per dose. This ensures you get the exact standard dose for the protection and improvement of your physical and mental health. Maca capsules are not for everyone though and that is why the maca powders are equally as popular with our loyal customer base. Let’s look at the two options.

Maca Capsules 

We will look at the Seleno Health Maca tablets for women, Hormonal Support, as an example. When these maca capsules are taken every day, you can benefit from:

  • Increased energy and strength
  • Better hormonal balance ‒ fewer peaks & troughs
  • Optimise natural hormonal rhythms
  • A more balanced mood and mental health
  • Greater focus and comprehension
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved density in bones and hair quality
  • A plumber skin that glows
  • Better muscle production 

By using capsule dosages, you get a very convenient and easy way to get the perfect ratios of maca. The proportions of each maca are arrived at after the macamide concentration is assessed. Each capsule is a replica of the original, delivering the right power and mix of maca with a standard, scientific potency. 

The recommended dosage of capsules, as a general tonic, is four to five capsules with the standardized to 0.8% (ww) with 10 mg of macamides per capsule. If you follow this dosage, you will get 1 month’s supply from 1 bottle.

Maca Powder 

Some of our customers prefer the powder version of our potent maca products because they have a health practitioner that is adjusting ratios of the black, red and yellow powders to treat a particular condition. 

If you are going to order powders, you might wonder how to incorporate them into your diet. Here are some suggestions. 

What Can Maca Be Put Into? 

Maca powder can be added to anything ‒ from baking, stews, your morning brew, cold or hot oats, muesli, a bowl of fruit or a smoothie to ‘stuff it all in’ vegetable juice.

The nutty undertone of its flavour makes it a good companion to caramel and cacao flavours. Smoothies, oats soaked in coconut milk overnight, chia desserts and hot drinks are the top favourite things to add Maca to.

Add it to coconut flour and walnut pancakes to liven up your Sunday breakfast, or add it to your decadent chocolate truffles recipe to get a health boost with a delicious treat!

Whether it's convenient maca capsules or maca powder, the one similarity is that it should be taken every day. Order your maca capsules in NZ today.

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