Cacao Whisk - Molinillo

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Made with sustainable Alder tree wood and naturally darkened and decorated by the frictional rubbing of pine wood.

This artisanal wooden molinillo stirrer is made with love and care by our Mexican family friends following five generations of practice and knowledge. Meet our makers hereEmulsifies the fat in the cacao to create a creamy drink and allows infusion of your heart intention during  ceremony.

Heat resistant, dishwasher safe, non-toxic, 100% natural. Not painted.

Choose from 5 different sizes based on your cacao mixing needs. 15cm - ideal for 1 person (1 cup). 23cm - ideal for 2-5 people (1 bowl). 35cm - ideal for 5-20 people (large vessel). 38cm - ideal for practitioners 20+ people 

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Meet Juan Alonso - our Master Molinillo (Cacao Whisk) Crafter

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