Online Connection to Maca Course

This course is the foundational requirement to deepen your connection to maca for your own personal practice and to provide the knowledge required to begin to use maca in clinical practice, ceremonies, circles and for treatment. It is a distance learning program that can be completed in your own time and involves course work, assessment and an online follow up live discussion group.

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Part 1 - The ancient traditions of maca

Part 2 - Maca production and processes

Part 3 - The science and health benefits of maca

Total estimated duration - 14-20 hours

Format - webinar content, online reading.

Assessment - written and live online group discussion.

Requirements for completion - a minimum understanding of the foundational properties as assessed by written assessments and knowledge sharing during group discussions.

Upon completion - Certificate of completion from Seleno Health, access to our facilitation program, wholesale packages, maca for clinical or ceremonial use, collaboration and co-branding opportunities, event promotion on our website and social media and access to our advanced training program - Level 2.

Keen to further your connection with maca?

Next Steps - Purchase course -> Receive links and assessment questions (Begins between September 1st-10th) -> Complete and return -> Book in an online group meeting time -> Join and partake in the group discussion of the assessment answers -> Repeat for part 2 and part 3 -> Course complete and certification issued along with facilitator support package.

Costs - Early bird Special Introductory offer $150 (including GST)





We've collected all of our most common questions into a useful guide for you, to explore maca a little deeper.

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