10 Surprising Benefits Of Black Maca

Black maca root is a root vegetable touted for its many health benefits as well as the versatile uses of the root. There are several varieties of the root, though today we will focus on the black maca for NZ as it is fast growing in popularity and availability. Sometimes referred to as “men’s maca” due to the libido-increasing qualities of the root, black maca root is a powerful supplement to any diet (for men or women) and boasts a number of amazing health benefits that our team here at Seleno Health are excited to share with you.

Benefit 1: Metabolism

Black maca root helps regulate your system and glucose levels for improved metabolic function. Used as a supplement, it can greatly increase the effectiveness and function of your metabolism and overall wellness.

Benefit 2: Memory

Black maca root has been indicated in studies to improve memory skills under laboratory conditions.

Benefit 3: Bone Health

Bone structure has been shown to be both protected and improved by the use of maca root.

Benefit 4: Sperm Production

Both sperm production and sperm motility are improved by using black maca root. Well known for its effect on the male reproductive system, black maca root is touted as a wonderful addition to male enhancement and sperm health.

Benefit 5: Antioxidant Levels

Black maca root is the most advantageous in terms of antioxidant levels as compared to other varieties. It is higher by at least 10% than any other variant and promotes overall good health and wellness.

Benefit 6: Muscle Building & Fitness

Muscle growth and endurance are supported through the use of black maca root.

Benefit 7: Libido

Hormonal balance and an increase in libido are common when using black maca root.

Benefit 8: Mood & Concentration

Black maca root has been shown to increase learning and concentration abilities as well as decrease depressive moods.

Benefit 9: Weight Loss

Along with hormonal balancing and increased wellness, black maca root promotes healthy weight loss.

Benefit 10: Energy & Alertness

Reduced tiredness and increased mental alertness are highly beneficial advantages of using black maca root.

Choose Black Maca Root Today

Seleno Health is a proud distributor of natural health products such as cocoa and black maca in NZ. We promise you the highest quality and ethical values and look forward to assisting you on your journey to better health. Discover our maca collections here.

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