Amaru (Snake) Organic Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 1kg
100% pure certified organic, single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao paste. New Zealand-Peruvian owned and operated family business. Scientifically researched and supported by a Callaghan Innovation research grant. The Amaru (Quecha language - snake) in Andean cosmovision represents the Ukhu Pacha - the world below and the...
Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste Block - 500g
Our UTURUNKU is a rare Ceremonial Cacao paste crafted from indigenous ancestral Cacao in Peru. Uturunku honours the Chavín de Huántar ceremonial temple that represents the jaguar and the world of the Kay Pacha - the here and now. It...
Maca for Women Capsules – Hormonal Support
Maca for women is a scientific blend of red, yellow, and black Maca in ideal ratios to balance female hormones and health. Taken daily Maca for women may assist to: Boost energy and vitality Balance and harmonise hormones Improve mood and...
from $59.99
Organic Activated Peruvian Yellow Maca Nibs
They have a sweet malt caramel flavour and are crunchy in texture! Activated Maca nibs are heat-activated sun-dried roots that have been shredded into small nib size fragments. Perfect for adding to cereal, granola, sprinkling on top of your smoothies...
from $34.99
Maca for Men in Capsules – Endocrine Support
Maca for Men is a scientifically formulated blend of black, red and yellow Maca designed to optimise male health and hormones. NOTE - THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY PRODUCED IN BLACK PLASTIC BOTTLES AS GLASS WAS UNAVAILABLE DUE TO SUPPLY CHAIN...
from $59.99
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